ExperienceWhat makes the difference

How do you know how to pick the right photographer? What makes the difference? In Los Angeles alone, there are over 1800 wedding photographers on the knot.com and without a trained eye, it’s not easy to see what makes a photographer great. As with any product or service, there’s a good, better, and best. For example, think of Nike and Payless. Both companies make similar products but we both know one is better than the other. 

Here are 3 things to look into when picking the best photographer for your special day:


Quality – Make sure to see photos from the beginning of a wedding all the way to the reception. Keep an eye out for the quality of lighting. Are they too bright? Too Dark? Check the skin tones. Make sure the skin looks natural and not orange and oversaturated.

Style – If you’re like us, you want to pick a photographer that has a classic and timeless look and feel. There are many photographers with many different styles, so make sure it’s consistent with how you want to remember your most special day!

Film – We find that brides and grooms choose our photography because they love the clean, light and simple look. Unfortunately, most photographers today are shooting mostly on digital, which is kind of a bummer as the look of film cannot quite be replicated on digital. Film definitely gives it a classic and beautiful look!

Posing – Pay attention to unattractive angles or awkward or cheesy posing. Do the couples look flattering and natural? The best way to see this for yourself is by seeing an entire proofing gallery. A great photographer will be consistent throughout.  

Customer Service:

Response – Ask yourself how long did it take for the photographer to respond to your initial email? Was it a day? 2 days? If they are taking longer than 24 hours, then it’s best to assume that they are either too busy or need some improvements on their response time.

Delivery – If a photographer says 8 or more weeks, that’s really long. Our brides and grooms are receiving 20-30 images the day after their wedding and getting full galleries within 4 weeks no matter how busy we are. 

Communication – Will your photographer know what you want captured for your big day? If so, how? We are big in making sure we capture everything important for your big day, which is why Lindsay and I work as a team. We have a conversation a week before your wedding to go over timeline, family photos, bridal party photos, and anything else to assure we get everything captured. Communication is key and our priority! Especially after the wedding has happened! 


Beginner or Expert Photographer – It doesn’t matter if a photographer never shot at your venue. Different lighting and circumstantial situations make it all irrelevant to an experienced photographer because a great one is always searching for the right light. If you notice in our photographs, all of the images have beautiful clean light. Again, ask for a full gallery!

Details – If your hair or make up needs retouching or your necklace is crooked, who will fix it? What about fluffing the dress? We will be the ones to make sure your hair and make up is on point and making sure there are no distractions. Another benefit that Lindsay and I shoot together!  

Trust – Can your photographer become a friend? Can you trust him or her? Your photographer will be with you all day during the wedding and if you don’t ‘click’ or have some type of chemistry, guess how your photographs are going to turn out? We think it’s very important to have a great connection with your photographer so that we can make magic! So, lets get to know each other!